Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Issue #2 order code

Issue #2 of TEXAS STRANGERS is available for pre-order! Here's the cover and order code:

"TRAINING DAY" Part 2 (of 2)

A dying Stranger, gun totin' villains, and a runaway wagon train adds up to big trouble for teenage twins Wyatt and Madara! Help is at hand in the form of an Elf and an Ogre, Tula and Zog - Texas Strangers who will stop at nothing to prevent Black Bart's plan to blow up a commune full of mages. But can they all work together and deal with the outlaws in time? Or will it all go BOOM? Don't miss the explosive end of the first story in this new Western fantasy adventure for all ages!

Comic store order code: FEB071917

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Stephen Reid said...

Looks great gang!
Can't wait to see an issue!

Listened to Anthony's Interview on ComicGeekSpeak.